Chairman's MESSAGE - WELCOME TO modern Secular, Malerkotla


The institutions carry forth the vision, gearing up for the challenges ahead in the changing social perspectives & continue to groom spiritually inclined intelligent citizens for the nation. A self-directed, enthusiastic educator with passionate commitment to students’ development and the learning experience. Skills in design of challenging, enriching and innovate activities that address the diverse interests and needs of management and students.

A word from the pen of our worthy Chairman...............

From a modest beginning in 1999, Modern Secular Public School (MSPS) has now grown into a fully integrated educational institution. The guiding philosophy of the institution, throughout, has been creation of knowledge, influencing educational practices and integrates globally. The objectives of imparting education, combined with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge, are being met in an integrated form, to create a synergetic impact.

The Institute fosters and nurtures leadership and innovation qualities among its students as a way of thinking that governs every aspect of life. It inculcates human values and professional ethics in the students, which help them make decisions and create path that are good not only for them, but also for  the society, for the nation, and for the world as whole. To fulfill its mission in new and powerful ways, each member of MSPS community strives to achieve excellence in every endeavour – be it education, research, consulting or training – by making continuous improvements in curricula and pedagogical tools.

Various seminar-cum-Development Programmes, stands tall on the foundation of an excellent, committed and deeply knowledgeable faculty, innovative and unique pedagogical tools and an eclectic and diverse student community that has a burning desire to make new paths of its own.  The Seminars and other motivational Programmes, offered by the Institute subject the students to an overall transformation, training them to be better human beings. The rigorous syllabi not only instill, in them, a passion for knowledge but also attempt to teach them how to apply that knowledge to real-life situations. These Programmes lay emphasis on well-rounded personality development of the students and also in inculcating the values of teamwork and integrity in them.

The diversity of options in MSPS’s curriculum is complemented by a breadth of activities outside the classroom. Every student finds exhaustive opportunities to participate in and contribute to a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Regular student and faculty interaction with the giants from the prominent Educational Institutions is helping us in grooming our students into leaders and not just the managers of yesteryears. Library, computing and other educational and recreational facilities aid and enrich the process of learning of the institution.

From the day of its inception, MSPS nurtured a dream to become a leading educational Institute with a global vision. Today the dream has become a reality as MSPS academicians and students alike have gained due recognition for their academic and professional excellence.

With My Best Wishes,

Chairman - S. Harpal Singh
Modern Secular Public School, Malerkotla


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